Dietary Services

Summer 2024 Menu    (Week 1 Beginning July 1)

Meal Times: 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, 6:00 pm

Snacks are available throughout the day or whenever a resident desires.

Lite Menu options are available.

Accommodation of special diets as ordered by each individuals' physician's orders.   

Guest trays are available for a modest charge.

Sign-ups prior to major holidays are available at the front desk or call 218-384-4258.

Families are allowed to bring in food/snacks for their loved ones.  It must be labeled with the resident's name and date the day the food is brought in.  We have a 3-day limit on stored food.  Please be mindful of therapeutic diets that are ordered by doctors.

The dietary department is unable to do any prep with food brought in from outside the campus.  Family is welcome to heat the food for their resident, if desired.