Dr. Mike Haubner


In 1948, Dr. Mike Haubner, a local dentist, attempted to build a hospital in Carlton. Dr. John Butler was a Carlton physician and Dr. Haubner hoped he would service the hospital. Stock was offered to raise money for the project, but as it began, it was determined that Cloquet would have the hospital.

Carlton Community Health Center


The three-story building would remain partially completed until 1954. Dr. Haubner took out a loan to complete the project. Operation of the nursing care center began later in 1954 under the name of Carlton Community Health Center.

Buck Buchanen


In 1962, a private party purchased the center.

Interfaith Social Services Inc.


In 1967, a non-profit corporation was formed which consisted of many area churches. The corporation was called Interfaith Social Services Inc.

Center sold to Interfaith Social Services, Inc


In 1969, the center was sold to Interfaith Social Services, Inc. but continued to manage the campus. During this time and again in the 1970’s, single story additions were made adding more beds and a therapy services area.

Pine View Apartments


In 1982, construction began on Pine View Apartments, which consists of 41 dwellings. 8 two-bedroom and 33 one-bedroom apartments. Construction completed in 1983.

New Nursing Care Center


In 2000, the corporation began a building project across the highway from Carlton Nursing Home and Pine View Apartments. This project would include a state-of-the-art nursing care center consisting 96 home beds and 18 units of assisted living. The care center would also connect to a subsidized senior housing until called Woodland Pines.

Carlton Place

May 2001

In May of 2001 family residents began moving into the assisted living center renaming it Carlton Place.

Inter-Faith Care Center

June 2001

In June 2001, residents from Carlton Nursing Home moved into the new care center. The corporate name was changed from Interfaith Social Services, Inc. to Inter-Faith Care Center. The membership of the corporation currently consists of 6 area churches. They include Bethesda Lutheran, J.M Paine Presbyterian (now River's Edge Presbyterian), St. Francis Catholic church of Carlton and Zion Lutheran, Our Saviors Lutheran, and Queen of Peace Churches of Cloquet. Each church has up to 2 representatives who serve on the Board of Directors.



In June 2002, the old care center was leased to the State of Minnesota and currently houses a chemical dependency program for females called Liberalis.

Community Service

IFCC proudly serves the community through the meals-on-wheels program through the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA).

Short-Term Rehab Unit


In February 2013, a 16 bed short term rehabilitation unit was established.